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Corporate video production

Foresight Advertising complete video production services and this comprises of production, concept development, and also post production. If you are looking for an all in one program of script to screen work, then we at Techno Byte will be most happy to outline, compose and edit our creativity into a saleable product that matches the video you have in mind. In Qatar, we shoot at a place of your preference, so if it is a studio shoot, then you drop at our studio or else if you have an outdoor venue in mind, just let us know. Our technology and staff are prepared for all situations and can arrange everything from pre production processes until the final edit. Quality is upmost in our minds and we seek to work with positive outcome in mind. GTS aims to design and produce shots that match your expectations.

The art of conveying messages through commercials requires imagination and perseverance. GTS produce commercials for a wide span of industries, companies, industry segments and also varied concepts. We work for both web inclined and also television centred distributions. Our work pattern involves discussions, commercials related planning, and message-driven meetings until the commercial is striking and drives the message in the best possible manner.


The web is the hub for entertainment, news, business and hence competition has increased to an enormous level. Each new entry into the business needs recognition and that is possible through media entertainment. Foresight Advertising aims to work with clients to capitalize on the slice of web commercials via online videos. This helps to establish a strong brand in the online market.


Foresight Advertising is a creative corporate video production company that intends to serve all the purposes of the corporate media world. From stills to shoots, to tutorials, or news updates, you name it; we will ensure that your message reaches the masses within no time.

Our team consists of video and software professionals who use the latest technology and infuse the upcoming trends into the ideas that you put in. The Techno Byte Team engages in all activities like ‘candids’, conventional corporate session, recreational meetings, training videos, local programmes, campaigns, a video presentation by your company, interviews, multiple-day stage shows, exhibitions or events. We manage everything from video shoots to concept procurement, development, editing, video production and also post-production services. Our creations will be of cutting edge high quality and deliver all the attention that matches your video expectations.

Visit our team or just give a missed call, and we will be at your doorstep to the video shoot your Corporate World!


Foresight Advertising is into educational, instructions, and how to do videos. We specialize in formulating teaching on various topics in Qatar. Our videos are simple, interesting and cost-effective. These videos would include videos that are self-explanatory for organizations, employees; product or service demonstrations, campaigns, fitness and we even produce DVD’s meant for resale.


Foresight Advertising has a team that creates new and innovative solutions to present the client’s ideas into entertaining motion pictures, advertisements and 3D animations. Foresight Advertising in Qatar relies on our visual team to brand and advertise your ideas with striking graphics and animations.